Suggestion: change executable name to `pj`


  1. It’s easier to remember
  2. It’s very ergonomic to type (hand moves smoothly through p-j-space)
  3. Adopting short but unique executable names is common practice across Rust crates (rg, fd, sk, …)
  4. Version control should be ergonomic by default (git does it right)

While you wait for an official reply, consider adding a shell alias so that you can get used to typing what you desire.

I’m curious what your fourth reason means. I would think that a full word, pijul, would be easier for accessibility software, like a screen reader, to communicate than two consecutive consonants. Likely, I’ve misunderstood what accessible means in this context, even with the hint about git.

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Oh that’s a great idea. No offence but I stand little chance of spelling / remembering pijul right.

pj is much easier to remember and faster to type than git :slight_smile:
(and easier to recommend to others aurally - they won’t get pj wrong when they search for pj version control system)

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Oh, sorry for my terrible English and thank you for suggestion.

Behind “accessible” I was mean “such that provides direct access to features” e.g. git is simple to type and because of that it makes add, commit, push features easier to access.

There always are situations when you want to work on someone’s else machine or provide terminal demonstration. In context of version control typing of long commands could be a real pain.

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Well, that depends on your keyboard layout :smile: As a Dvorak user, the p and j are not placed that conveniently.

But it would still be faster to type than pijul (which on Dvorak is almost all on the left hand).

Personally, I use the alias anu which is the Portuguese name for the same bird (but I also get why that is not a desired name for a binary :stuck_out_tongue:).

I wouldn’t change the name of the executable, just add a shell alias if you want a different name. But i would like to be able to define aliases for pijul commands like i do for git: g s (g: shell alias for git; s: git alias for status).

Well, would a simple shell function/arbitrary blown-up program like this

pj() {
    case "$1" in
        s | st* ) cmd=status;;
        r | rec* ) cmd=record;;
        * ) cmd="$1";;
    pijul "$cmd" "$@"

still your needs?

I’m really not sure wether such a simple thing should be handled by the main program. Shell completion would be a nice addition.

I mean this might seem like a non-issue, but seriously, pijul is painful to both write, read and remember. And sane defaults are of huuuge importance to me, especially if considering to try something new.

First thing i am going to see and do when trying some new command is typing it in. If that is non-pleasant, or downright annoying i will have had a bad first-impression. Google first impressions and you will see their importance.

as it stands now, I am intrigued by what pijul is, but I will wait until it is more standardized and widely adopted before even trying it, and one of the reasons for that is probably because I really really do not look forward to having to configure my shell on my machines to have a new alias, or have to type out “pijul” everytime.

I also use fd (find-fd) instead of find, mostly because its more ergonomic from the start, as well as rg instead of grep.

Hi @TotalKill! Thanks for the kind feedback. It’s true that “Pijul” is painful to write, and I am saying that both as a dvorak user and as the person who has probably typed that word the most on the entire planet.

First impressions matter alright, but so does “googleability” or the choice of a non-ambiguous name, and Pijul is not doing too bad on that metric. I did consider a number of other names, especially shorter ones, but they failed that test badly.

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Would it be a problem to keep the name ”pijul“ and make the command accessible as pijul and pj? Either as a symlink or maybe pj could also be an alias wrapper like https://nest.pijul.com/jorsn/pj.

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This sounds good to me. pijul is pretty awkward to type on qwerty also.

I think if people want aliases then that should be built in to the command itself - i.e. pijul and pj should behave the same way.