Ask before proceeding when unrecording a patch with dependencies


Playing around I realized that if I unrecord a patch with dependencies the dependencies are unrecorded as well. That’s expected but I think it something people won’t have in mind while working so it would be nice if

  1. The log tells you if a patch has dependencies (maybe with a “Has dependencies” entry before the patch name) and
  2. Ask before unrecord a patch with dependencies (e.g. “, , …, depend on this patch. Shall I unrecord it?”


That would probably be better. Mind opening a request on https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul:master/discussions ?




Thank you, that’s probably a good-first-contribution… (for whomever wants).


There remains conflicts in pijul worktree that would prevent fist-contribution to happen, I am afraid.


Shamefully, yes. An audit of the new diff code is needed and in (slow) progress on my side.