Buildkite Source Control Integration

It would be great if Pijul can be integrated with Buildkite CI. Their

Buildkite features webpage

shows that they provide an API for custom SCM integration. (Scroll down a bit past midway down the page the page to the section - Source Control Integration)

Sounds interesting. We had a CI at some point, but the OVH fire took that away. I’m hopeful to get it back on track again.

Our CI was using cool tricks made possible by patches. One issue is that I first want to make 100% that the replication strategy is really solid. It seems more solid every day, and I’m monitoring it closely. Once this is done, we can totally start talking about restoring all the services that were destroyed by the fire.

That sounds great. I want to mention that although I put the title of the thread to specifically refer you to Buildkite, I rather intended to indicate integration for all the mainstream CI/CDs as a good goal (eventually), to further ease pijul (and Nest) adoption. Not having this integration would be a big barrier to adoption for orgs and users who rely on a particular automated build flows.

Drone CI and Jenkins are equally good first targets as an example being they are open source (or mostly).

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