Do you need to reset after applying a change?

After I pijul apply a change from one channel onto the current channel, I can see that applied change in pijul log, but my working copy doesn’t have those changes in it until I do pijul reset.

Is that the correct way of doing it? Or is there a more proper way of making applied changes immediately affect the working copy?

Hi! This is a bug, can you give me a way to reproduce it?

Oh, that’s interesting. This happens any time I pijul apply a change from one channel onto my current channel. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, using Pijul v1.0.0-alpha.38.

Maybe this is the reason why I’m seeing this other issue, although that one is more specific and still doesn’t show changes even after doing a pijul reset.

I managed to reproduce it inside a Docker container – hopefully this is a convenient way to reproduce it, if anyone else wants to check it out. A pijul repo with a couple of changes is already set up in this image.

  1. docker pull docker.pkg.github.com/tucker-m/pijul-bug-repro/reset-before-apply:1 .
  2. docker run --rm -it docker.pkg.github.com/tucker-m/pijul-bug-repro/reset-before-apply:1 bash
  3. There is a file called somefile. See that there is one line of text in it.
  • cat somefile
  1. There is another channel with a change in it that adds a line to the file. Apply the change.
  1. See that the change was applied in pijul log.
  2. cat somefile to see that the file is still unchanged.
  3. pijul reset
  4. cat somefile again to see that there is now another line in the file.

Just chiming in that this is no longer happening for me in version 1.0.0-alpha.45. I hadn’t updated since alpha.38, so I’m not sure when the fix happened, but applying a change affects the file immediately now. Woo hoo!

Thanks! I’ve been working hard to fix as many bugs as I can, and seeing people happy with the fixes makes me really happy!