First usage of pijul

Hi. I am new to pijul. I follow the document instructions but i could not make work correctly of pijul. First problem is in document it says use pijul key generate but pijul says there is not generate argument. My second problem is when i add files for record and use pijul record, it opens a file with changes, closing it and record says, Error: No change messages. When i push it, it says there is nothing to push. I know i miss something but there is nothing i can find what it is in document.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback, that’s a very important point indeed. I guess I should definitely make a video.

  • for the key: it’s now called pijul key new, the doc hasn’t been updated. We’re currently figuring out how to handle all the maintenance work that needs to be done, we have extremely limited resources for that.
  • the file when your record is a patch “draft”, you need to write a description or a message on the first line of the patch. Alternatively, you can also use pijul record -a -m "my message".

Thank you so much. It was confusing for me to understand that message things. It worked now.