Is there a way of telling if changes, saved in text files, will conflict?

Kind of an open-ended question here, but I’m wondering if anyone can think of a smooth way of solving this problem.

Let’s say I’ve made a large edit, I haven’t recorded it yet, and I want to record it as two separate changes.

I’ll use pijul diff to produce two text files containing the full change, and then manually edit the diff in each file to make them contain only the diff I want for each separate change.

pijul diff > first_change.txt
pijul diff > second_change.txt

When I’m editing first_change.txt and second_change.txt, I need to make sure that no part of their diffs overlap, otherwise when I apply those changes (by piping them into pijul apply), I end up with something like this:

>>>>>>> 1 [JANJFQZE ]
first line, FIRST CHANGE
======= 1 [MIA2HY74 ]
first line, FIRST CHANGE
<<<<<<< 1
another line

I meant for “FIRST CHANGE” to be applied by first_change.txt, and “SECOND CHANGE” to be applied by second_change.txt. But I forgot to take the “FIRST CHANGE” hunk out of second_change.txt, so now I have a conflict, even though the lines are the same.

Which brings me to my question: can anyone thing of a slick way of verifying that first_change.txt and second_change.txt will not conflict?

There is a more specific question: Can you have two repos X and Y with identical snapshots, and a patch C, so that C conflicts with X but not Y. It’s impossible if X and Y were built from the same series of patches, but it’s likely possible if pujil remembers & uses additional information about the repository history.