Pijul in guix installation

Has anybody tried installing pijux in guix/GuixSD?

Recently I tried to install pijul-0.12 by importing it both from crates and nix, but both failed.

I want to start testing fresh pijul-1.0-alpha, but I need to find a way to install it in guix.

What sort of errors are you getting? A fresh install in nixos definitely works for me(either 0.12 or 1.0.0-alpha, at least as far as printing usage information), but I’m not clear on what the differences between nix and guix are besides “written in emacs lisp Guile”

I tried getting guix running in docker(I’m on mac) but didn’t even get as far as “download nixpkgs” unfortunately.

Well, I successfully compiled 1.0.0-alpha.48 on guix, but it doesn’t work with the Nest yet.

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Sounds great, thanks for your work! I’m very late for publishing the next version to crates.io.

Note that nettle isn’t required anymore. What isn’t working with the Nest? The address to push over SSH hash changed, it is now ssh.pijul.com.

That explains everything. I’m now able to push my patches and restore my keyboard repository: