Repository of crate *user* (to run clippy in pijul source code)

The history is:

  1. I want to run clippy on pijul.
  2. Clippy runs in nightly.
  3. Pijul is not compiling in nightly right now. All errors comes from crate winapi-0.1.23.
  4. winapi-0.1.23 is a dependency of crate user.
  5. In crates-io the repository of crate user is: This url returns 403 Forbidden.
  6. I want to clone the repository of crate user, and change the dependency to winapi ^0.2
  7. I want to send patches to repositories of crates user and pijul (when i apply the suggestions from clippy)

So, the question is: where is the repository of crate user?
Other question: to apply clippy in pijul’s source code is accepted?

I wrote crate user, but that was way before the nest was even an idea. I’ll upload it there now:

Thanks you very much. I’ll use clippy in pijul and i’ll post questions in the proccess if you agree…

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