A bare .pijul folder

While attempting to use pijul git, I imported a large repository. Pijul put the .pijul folder in the source repo so I moved it to an empty folder.
Now, I can pijul ls and see the long list of files it has in the 500+ MB database. Yet when I try pijul credit on one of the files that was listed, it says
Error: No such file or directory (os error 2)
It is true that the source file does not exist, but it seems like it should not matter to this command.
I guess the file is not taken from the pristine?

I am running pijul reset. It didn’t take long, and now I have all my files.

That is true pijul credit operates on the file in the tree in conjunction with changes in the pristine. This is the expected behaviour, as it also marks unrecorded lines. This behaviour is consistent with, e.g. git blame, which fulfills the same function.