Ignoring files and folders with pijul

I just want to ask about how pijul knows not to track the target directory or it’s subdirectories. Is there any .*ignore file. If it is, where is it located as I can’t find it

Thanks in advance

The file is simply called .ignore.

Does the .ignore file need to be recorded first for it to come in to effect? I haven’t been able to get it to work

It doesn’t need to be recorded. I’m curious, since this works for me. Would you mind giving me more detail, such as your version of Pijul and your platform?

Coming from git, the .ignore file behaviour seems a bit strange. I can record files/folders which are mentioned in the .ignore file, without any warning.

Also, is there support for a global ignore file? It would be handy to ignore .git folders and .gitignore files etc. (and conversely to git ignore .pijul folders and .ignore files etc.) for sharing content between pijul and git (mainly because I have more confidence in github’s longivity compared to nest).

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