Does someone use pijul to manage dotfiles?

Hi all,

I am wondering if someone is using pijul to keep track of their dotfiles “.bashrc” etc. ?
And if so what’s your experince with it?
Are there benefits against other solutions? (or disadvantages)
Tell me your thoughts. Thanks in advance.


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Hey, I did it for a while, but a bug on the pre-1.0 release made me go back to Git. I’m eager to use some time to revert to Pijul again because I think the experience is vastly superior. For example, while experimenting, I could record several patches on one machine and then push only those I was 100% sure about to my repo. With Git, I default to staging things I’m not sure about, and then I may forget why I did what I did

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pijul git might help you with that (it isn’t enabled by default, you have to compile with --features git).

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