Plans for Tutorial

Are there any plans of making a tutorial of Pijul?

I think Pijul will be what replaces Git in the midterm future. I, for one, will be glad to leave git anything behind. I guess that after Pijul reaches 1.0, it should be ready for general use… right? If so, then there should be a video tutorial or something, explaining how to use it from the ground up — as if git didn’t exist.

Are there plans for something like that? If not, I’d like to help with that at some point. I’ll need someone to teach me first the ins and outs, but I can make a script and such and make a video and upload it as well.

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(Note on self avaliability: it’ll take me some time — I’m at uni and therefore sometimes I just don’t have any free time for a month. But with planning ahead, I can spare a day or two every few weeks and make this.)

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I realise (not without shame) that I saw your message when you published it, and forgot to reply. This is a FANTASTIC idea, even more so since Pijul 0.10 is out! Please ping me arbitrarily often if you need any help.


No worries :slight_smile:

Should we wait for Pijul 1.0 first, or is the main UI already fixed in place?

One change which is likely to occur is the switch from push/pull to sync/merge.

I think that’s a significant one. We should wait.

I’ll keep tabs on the project and come back to this when sync/merge is pushed forward. Feel free to contact me as well, if at some point you think it’s ready for a proper tutorial :slight_smile:

@pmeunier Is sync/merge just a name change or is there some deeper implication as well?
is it being tracked somewhere?

It’s not just a name change. Both operations can be applied in both directions (push and pull) but they do different things:

  • sync pushes/pulls what Git calls “fast-forward” changes
  • merge pushes/pulls non-fast-forward changes

thank’you for clarifying!

In case anyone is interested: I started Pijul for Git users. I know the UI could change in the future but writing this helped me a lot to understand how to work with Pijul. Of course patches are welcome and please tell me if I screwed up with something :sweat_smile:


As I said on, this is an awesome job, and one that shall be regarded as such. Awesome work!


Thank you and thank you :sob:

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