Hello dear Pijul’s community,

I’m Thierry and I’m very pleased to join.

Recently @pmeunier wrote an article on a french Reddit/Hackernews equivalent and piqued my curiosity.

I’ve to confess that, the more I dive into this software and the more I’m seduced.
For now, I intend to write a series of articles comparing Git and Pijul on this site.
As i’m discovering it I may ask some questions, propose ideas/suggestions or feature requests and … submit some bugs on the Nest :slight_smile:

See you soon !

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Welcome! A page comparing Git and Pijul would be very appropriate in the manual, if you can clone it with Pijul (

You need Pijul 0.12 to get the conflicts right.

Oh I’m sorry @pmeunier, my mistake !

When I wrote “this site”, I meant “Linuxfr”. I’m afraid I’m not enough fluent in english to contribute to the manual.

Ok. Nice! We also need to figure out how to provide translations of the manual. The main problem is, how to keep them all up to date? If someone can help with one particular language (say, French :wink: ), that would be highly appreciated!