Is this project still active? Yes it is

I’m answering here to Discussion #444 on the Nest.

Is Pijul still under active development?
Last patches on master were June 8th? It seems like patches were pretty regular before then, maybe work is just being done in private and not pushed to public but I sure hope there is still activity, I really love this project.

That’s right, the last patches are pretty old. A few things have happened since then, but they’re not public yet. This has included (1) thinking about new algorithms to solve our remaining problems and (2) thinking about the future and sustainability of the project, including its funding.

Another thing going on is a major rewrite of libpijul. This project was our first Rust project, was started in a pretty early version of Rust, on an incomplete theory that was only finalised in 2019. Until then it wasn’t clear what functions and types we wanted to expose, and how to document them.
I’m currently reorganising everything, in particular using a lot more proc-macros, and making it more general so that it can run on various backends (well, actually different variants of Sanakirja).

We will hopefully have news pretty soon. I’d love to fix all the bugs in the Nest discussions, my hope is that many of them will simply disappear with the rewrite.


Thanks for the update! Really looking forward to it


Whooo! Looking forward to the shiny, new Pijul :heart_eyes:

Awesome! Thanks so much for the update.

Thanks for the update! Are you also thinking about how to significantly improve the performance of the project?

That is the plan, yes, both on disk space and time.

Thanks for the update! I think this question is so frequent because we don’t have a place to visually see that something is in progress. Where is the rewrite happening? Can we help?

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Will the main commands and their behavior change much from how the current public release behaves? I am eager to learn and practice using Pijul, but I’m wondering if I should continue to wait for the next version to come out before trying to learn it and get familiar with using it. Thank you, and I hope that you’re all doing well during the pandemic!

Hi! Thanks for your question, the main commands will mostly remain the same or similar. A good understanding of the current public Pijul will totally carry over to the new one.

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