Upcoming pijul meetups / gatherings?

Anybody hosting/know of any upcoming pijul events?

Hi! Welcome here. I don’t know of any, but if you want to start one, go ahead! We can certainly announce it on Twitter and reference it here.

Cool! Maybe I will! Are any admins/maintainers based in Europe?

Florent Becker is based in Orléans (France), I’m currently in Maynooth (Ireland). There are other Pijul enthusiasts based in Europe: @lthms in France and @tae in Norway.

Hey @pmeunier! I’m based in Dublin so not too far away from you :slight_smile: I also work alongside @abbeyskywalker, so she pointed this topic out to me.

It would be cool to meet up with you and chat about Pijul, Rust, and what you’re doing in Maynooth :grin:

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Oh cool, where do you work?
I’m a little bit busy in the upcoming weeks, but what do you think of December 16th? You certainly know Dublin, and the software industry there, way better than I do, so you can pick a place and a format, and invite more people if you’d like.
As far as I’m concerned we can do that at any time of the day, except not too late at night (i.e. <10pm) because I still have to go back to Maynooth.

We both work on radicle.xyz right now buidling p2p code collaboration :nerd_face:We’ve (specifically Fintan actually) has been looking into how to build for alternate VCS’ like Pijul too. Will be v cool for you guys to chat. Hope you can meet up!

If you’re ever in Berlin - let me know!

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Sounds interesting. Pijul was actually specifically designed for easier asynchronous workflows: in Git terms, Pijul has “0-cost rebases and merges”, you can always delay them, and revert them after the fact. So (1) it doesn’t matter if you go offline for a while and (2) you don’t need a central server (a GitHub) to make Pijul work (even though it is convenient to host your code somewhere).

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Ya I work with Abbey, as she mentioned. Since I’m remote I hang out in Dogpatch Labs, a startup hub and coworking space down in the IFSC (beside Connolly station).

If you’d want to meet here maybe for lunch/coffee that’d be awesome! I’ll definitely be here on the 16th :slight_smile:

A few of us at radicle.xyz are very interested in Pijul (we have a couple of Haskell heads that appreciate a good algebra and category ;))

If you wanna check out our work, I did a write up in our Discourse on a code browsing API I’ve been putting together: https://radicle.community/t/surfs-up-the-denotational-wave/78

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Sounds good, I’ll be there around noon.
The Radicle project looks really cool, looking forward to knowing more about it.