Pijul with Gitit (Pijit / Pijulit ?)

Hey everyone!
I was just looking into Wiki systems and (more or less randomly) stumbled over Gitit (also know as Darcsit if using darcs as VCS). I’ve not tried yet, but it has a bit of history and sounds pretty sane (written in Haskell, using VCS for Version control - thus allowing simple direct manipulation of files / pages and simple commiting of these changes).

Thinking of VCS then reminded me of the also very sane sounding one written in Rust, based on a patch theory (bit of searching quickly brought me here :P).

So now I was wondering if anyone here has heard of/ used gitit, and/or whether there’d be any interest in getting support for using pijul as a backend? (cause I think that’d be a pretty sweet combination :smiley: - thought in all honesty I’ve not actually tried either of the projects yet :stuck_out_tongue: ! ).

Anyhow, kind regards, and I guess I’ll return at the latest when I’m running one or both of these :slight_smile: .
Sean Scherer

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