Community introductions

This thread is about introducing yourself to the community. You can also announce your projects on the Nest, since we don’t (yet) have a good way to do that on the Nest itself.



I’m ilmu (nest) I have a bachelors degree in mathematics, I’m interested in compositional politics and digital rights.

I will update this post to explain projects I’m playing around with as I add them. Some notes:
-> My projects are mostly in Haskell at the moment since I’m trying to get to a reasonable level with that.
-> I’m also looking at Idris, Lean and Rust. Plus doing topology with pen and paper.
-> Please give me feedback or start a discussion (in the nest) on one of my projects! :slight_smile:


This is a very naive implementation of the Base16/32/64 RFC, it does not compile as of right now, only a few hours of work have been put into it, I will update it over the weekend. Right now I’m in the middle of making it a bit more flexible after having gotten to the point of being able to decode base strings. I would really appreciate pointers on how I can make better use of types to implement this.

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I’m Christian (aka. Krixano). I am currently in College for Computer Science. I usually write in C, aside from web projects of course. I used to be active in the ZeroNet and Handmade Network communies, but no longer am. I am also somewhat active in the Gopher community (as well as the circumlunar.space pubnix). Below is a list of my projects, all hosted on the nest:

EdimCoder - line editor
Paled - shell for Windows and Linux (only linux works atm)
BeeNet - A project I’m working on with someone else. Inspiration taken from the Gopher protocol. Decentralized/Distributed project.
Derevel - A build system
Deconflicter - Simple interactive terminal program to visualize and manage files with vcs merge conflicts in them.
Ncure - cross-platform terminal manipulation library that supports VT100 and Windows Console API. More API’s are coming soon.

Website: https://www.circumlunar.space/~krixano
Nest: https://nest.pijul.com/krixano