Community introductions

This thread is about introducing yourself to the community. You can also announce your projects on the Nest, since we don’t (yet) have a good way to do that on the Nest itself.



I’m ilmu (nest) I have a bachelors degree in mathematics, I’m interested in compositional politics and digital rights.

I will update this post to explain projects I’m playing around with as I add them. Some notes:
-> My projects are mostly in Haskell at the moment since I’m trying to get to a reasonable level with that.
-> I’m also looking at Idris, Lean and Rust. Plus doing topology with pen and paper.
-> Please give me feedback or start a discussion (in the nest) on one of my projects! :slight_smile:


This is a very naive implementation of the Base16/32/64 RFC, it does not compile as of right now, only a few hours of work have been put into it, I will update it over the weekend. Right now I’m in the middle of making it a bit more flexible after having gotten to the point of being able to decode base strings. I would really appreciate pointers on how I can make better use of types to implement this.

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I’m Christian (aka. Krixano). I am currently in College for Computer Science. I usually write in C, aside from web projects of course. I used to be active in the ZeroNet and Handmade Network communies, but no longer am. I am also somewhat active in the Gopher community (as well as the circumlunar.space pubnix). Below is a list of my projects, all hosted on the nest:

EdimCoder - line editor
Paled - shell for Windows and Linux (only linux works atm)
BeeNet - A project I’m working on with someone else. Inspiration taken from the Gopher protocol. Decentralized/Distributed project.
Derevel - A build system
Deconflicter - Simple interactive terminal program to visualize and manage files with vcs merge conflicts in them.
Ncure - cross-platform terminal manipulation library that supports VT100 and Windows Console API. More API’s are coming soon.

Website: https://www.circumlunar.space/~krixano
Nest: https://nest.pijul.com/krixano

Hi. :slight_smile:

I am lthms on the nest, sourcehut, and GitHub.

I have been interested in pijul development since even before the release of its 0.3 version (when the bird went public and bootstraped). I have contributed to the project, mostly on the CLI side (e.g., you can now write a patch name and description from your favorite editor, or output the graph of patches dependencies \o/). At the moment, I am currently waiting for @pmeunier to publish its rewriting of libpijul (as he announced in a Nest discussion) for trying to get back in hacking pijul again.

Hi, I’m Nick, a Rust learner and a heavy user of Git. I’d like to be involved in a Rust open-source project in order to help me learn. I REALLY like the idea of merge conflict detection and resolution working better than it does in Git.

Thanks for having me!


Hi, I’m Max. I’m currently working on-and-off on a wrapper around Pijul, and associated tooling to complement that wrapper. (The basic plan is to develop a prototype, then recreate the wrapper using the prototype as a tool and a guide, so this isn’t going online any time soon.)

Hi folks, i’m student in theoretical computer science, mainly doing some category flavored type theory. I usually write rust and functional languages, i’ve also been doing a lot of formalization using agda and other dependent languages recently. I’m currently thinking about a grand scheme to make the web more useful for small informal groups, pretty much in the gnunet movement. For that i’m probably gonna use some parts of pijul but more on that in another thread.

Hello. I am kind of a version control enthusiast. I’ve used CVS, SVN, Clearcase, Perforce, Mercurial, and git over the course of my career. One of my favorites was using mercurial with the mercurial queues extension (mq, inspired by quilt). It allowed you to manage a stack of patches (sound familiar?) on top of your mercurial repository. It was really powerful, but had some very rough edges (like, zero conflict resolution). I’m hoping (and so far from what I see its looking good) that pijul will give me the power of mq/quilt without the rough edges.

Hey hey!

I’m just starting to get to know Pijul. I’m a Haskeller at heart (having worked with it professionally for 2 years) and now getting on the Rust hype train :bullettrain_side: This union led me to Pijul so I thought I’d come check out what the community is up to and get to know the tech a bit better.

Really love the patch theory approach and I’d love to get to know it better, so if anyone has links for extra reading hit me up!

Looking forward to getting to know the community better :heart:

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Hello, everybody!

I’m currently getting neck-deep into software development with Rust, although my background is in web development primarily in JS and C#.

One of my dream projects is a distributed FOSS LMS, and I hope to be able to use Pijul for version control.

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