Manual: Git Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet that lists the most common git commands and their equivalent in pijul would be very helpful to have in the manual.

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I recently came across this one, for contributing to Zulip:
But here is one from GitLab:

And then there is http://git-cheatsheet.com/

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I love the suggestion, however, I’m a bit swamped at work right now – could one of you prepare a git → pijul translation table? I’d be happy to integrate it into the manual once it’s ready, if that should be needed.

I also found this page which is fairly brief. It could be inverted for the Pijul version.

I just chatted with @tae, who wrote a highly successful version of that for the previous version of Pijul.

I mean “successful” here in terms of audience, but I also liked the style, and the level of detail was just right.

Maybe this topic could wait until I finish implementing tags, because they are highly similar to Git commits. In other words, Pijul is very close (in time) to being a complete hybrid between Darcs-without-the-quirks and Git.