Started documentation of „workflows“

Hi community,

maybe some of you already noticed – I started writing down a couple of pages in the documentation about „workflows“.
The idea is to have a section in the manual containing concrete examples for day-to-day tasks.

I’d like to invite you to look over what we already have and let me know if you notice any errors or if you have any ideas for pages in this section. If you want to write a page yourself, don’t be shy and just open a discussion and push to its channel, @pmeunier will be very happy to merge it into the main channel :wink:

When reading the existing pages, it is a little confusing to see the commands mixed with the terminal output. And the terminal output is the one that ends up with a “copy” icon, when the actual command would be more useful to copy.
If you must show the terminal output, can you have
plain $ or ~/pijul-test$
for the prompt instead of
me@host ~/pijul-test $

One thing I noticed when I tried to use Pijul is it opened up the nano editor, which I didn’t even know was installed on my system. I didn’t know what I was looking at. I had entered the commit message on the command line, so I was quite confused. This should be explained, or changed so it uses the editor that is set as default in the system.

Looks nice, man. Where are you contributing to this? Nest?

Yes, to the pijul/manual repository. Feel free to join me :wink:

In that respect, every Linux system is its own beast, so to speak. How about a couple sentences with links to quickstart pages for the most important editors? We could also mention the $EDITOR environment variable.

Yeah, I wanted to make it look a bit more “complete”, but I guess you’re right in wanting a cleaner prompt so as not do distract from the content.