Dark theme for the Nest


I can fathom that this is very low priority, but have you considered making a dark color theme for the Nest like the one here, on discourse? I am just admiring it as I write and it’s friendly to my terminal-adjusted eyes. :slight_smile:

What would be necessary to transport that to the Nest? A CSS stylesheet? Anything else?


This is a great idea. The Nest has just been completely reorganised internally (server-side), and we’re just a few features away from starting to work on the UI side.

The next main technical backend challenges are:

  • fixing a few remaining glitches in the existing features.

  • viewing patches in a more readable way + implement a “blame” view, since Pijul is extremely efficient at displaying the history of each line in a file.

  • applying patches from the discussions view (currently when a patch is attached you have to go to its page and apply it from there).

  • discussing parts of a patch.

Then there are also social features:

  • following people
  • liking comments/repositories

We still need to develop a solid API to interact with a proper frontend.
Thanks for the suggestion! (I also use a white on dark background in urxvt and emacs, so this is a feature I also want).

Could you file a bug report on https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/nest/discussions?


As a side note, there are several extensions for browser which allow one user to use its own css for a given website. A community-driven dark theme for the Nest is possible, but at the cost of having to follow the upstream css. As the nest evolves pretty fast, it is not clear how hard it would be for now.


I opened a discussion at https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/nest/discussions/47