Opening up `the Nest` website for 3rd-party contributions..?

First off - thanks for making this awesome tool available!

As for the cloud hosting component of Pijul - the Nest - would you consider opening up the source code for 3rd party contributions? It’s lacking some features that would be really helpful for collaboration at the moment, and I think the community would be willing to help build out the web presence if given the opportunity.

I understand the need to protect some part of this project for financial purposes, but the Nest could still be made source available and open for code contributions using something like the “Business Source License”, where the code only becomes open source after a project-defined number of years, allowing you to protect ongoing feature development behind a paid model.
See here for more info:
Business Source License info: Adopting and Developing BSL Software | MariaDB

This is only one option, of course, but the basic idea of opening up the the Nest website for feature improvements would be great for those of us who would like to see this project really take off in terms of adoption!
GitLab has had a lot of success bringing in 3rd party contributions to help build out their community and their tooling - could Pijul use a similar model?

Do others in the community agree? Would there be others who would help contribute features to the Nest?

I have a plan to open the entire Nest soon. At the moment giving just the source code would be next to useless, since there is a large number of components that need to work together.

The next iteration will be almost entirely serverless, I’ve already implemented interactions with fake repositories that can emulate most operations of an actual repo.

I’m unfortunately working on a startup at the moment, unrelated to Pijul, which is taking most of my time.