The Nest is down

Since yesterday, the Nest is completely down, just when I wanted to publish my first thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this known? cc @pmeunier

Yes. From what I undestand. This has a lot to do with the fact that there were two nests, and . The nest was to be new and run on a new type of architecture. As far as I know this concept did not quite pan out. Now the two repositories are likely to be merged ? And that’s probably why there’s a connection problem. Nest is being rewritten/upgraded/ and likely two nests will be merged.

So it was planned and announced although perhaps not entirely good enough.
Pijul is now having a period of light chaos. Nest is being reworked, documentation is waiting to be completed. There is also a funding opportunity coming soon, which would accelerate the development of the project.
In General the project needs some more breathing space and time to sort and catch up.

There is also sister thread on Zulip


Ah! Alright. Yeah, I didn’t see anything about that. I did read somewhere (I believe here?) that a merge of the two was planned but didn’t notice a date.

(Sorry for the ping then!)

I don’t think the date was given. The need to follow Zulip, Discourse, discussion on Nest and Pijul blog posts is little confusing. I had to search for myself where this information appeared. For clarity, here is @pmeunier’s post.