Nest self hosting

is Nest available for self hosting? To be more precise: can one host private instance of Nest?

Not yet. There are currently two very different versions of the Nest, of which the most recent one was supposed to become open source and self-hostable, but it never worked out. I’m working on merging their features. My main goal is that I want private repos for myself and a few friends.

As far as self-hosting is concerned, the entire Pijul project is currently unfunded, so I wouldn’t mind people self-hosting, as long as the public Nest pays its server bills and our engineering time, which is not currently the case.

But as soon as this works out, sure! I’m looking forward to it. If you know any way to help us get funded faster, please let me know.


Hi thank you for the answer.

Is ti great that you have it somewhere on the road map. Timelines and funding is hard so there is no expectation form me to have that available in near future. And exactly like you, I had idea to try out pijul with few friends and although ssh is option and it works it is convenient to have some minimal UI for repos like Nest.

In any case if I have some input on funding I’ll for sure get back to you as IMHO you are doing cool thing with pijul overall.

Quite often I see these types of posts about,, self hosting. This applies to zulip as well, it would be good ide to pin down post about this, because many people are asking this, many newbies are confused.

But as soon as this works out, sure! I’m looking forward to it. If you know any way to help us get funded faster, please let me know.

pmeunier, you should absolutely get a patronite, buymeacoffee, gofundme or other account. Pijul and Nest are large, ambitious and long-term projects. They need additional financing, especially since you are their only major developer here. You might be surprised what kind of financial support you get.


My next blog post will be about upcoming changes in the Nest, actually. I’ve decided to retire the serverless version, it’s slower than the kind of stuff I like to write.

And yes, why not a funding thing like that? I might actually try multiple routes at the same time.


When considering crowdsourcing platforms, I can also recommend taking a look at, which supports EU payment options by default.

I would also add a cryptocurrency wallet to the mix. Many big projects accept donation in crypto, like Internet Archive or even Free Software Foundation, so this is nothing uncommon. Just need to get it right. Many banks don’t like it when you exchange funds with entities dealing with crypto. Might block transactions or suspend your account for investigation, even terminate the contract for your banking services. So its better first familiarize with rules and regulations of your bank and your country.

Plus we are months from Halving, which could translate into sizable increases, which are already slowly beginning. So a 300% bonus would be nothing out of the ordinary. But this is just a theory. But this is nice thought indeed