Provide a dead simple http remote for pijul repository


Because the Nest is a very complicated piece of software, it is often unavailable (it is clearly stated by the terms of service, though, so nothing bad from this perspective).

However, many people wants to fetch pijul source using pijul, and in such case, they cannot. I think it could be a very good idea to provide a read-only HTTP remote, often updated (ideally sync with the nest, but at the same time implemented by another, dead simple software) as a fallback cloning remote for this particular use case.

What do you think, all?

Edit: I should have advertise I plan on implementing such a thing later this week.


Good idea, but maybe, to make it even simpler and cheaper: just make a simple script that commits the repo (including .pijul) into a git repo hosted on github. The git history would simply be a series of “Bump up sync”, we don’t bother. Just a way to get visibility there + have a fallback to get the source + history. The script could be called in a post record hook.


Having a git mirror wouldn’t hurt, indeed, as long as it is clear that we don’t want to use it as a way of contributing. That being said, I would rather have the HTTP remote first.


then, maybe if it’s possible without much overhead, it might be nice to have also a read-only view of the discussions together on the http remote


Shouldn’t it be https? Just so that the sending is resistant to snooping


I could definitely provide that. I’m currently redesigning the cloud architecture of the Nest, so I’ll include it in my current effort.


For your information, I now provide such a remote at http://pijul.lthms.xyz/pijul/pijul (with three branches, master, latest and testing).

I plan to use HTTPS before the end of the week, but in the meantime, you can use it if you want to clone pijul.