Free Nest alternative

Can you please share the code of Nest? If you do not want to do can you teach how to create a bare repository and send data via ssh?


There’s no need for a bare repository, just a normal repository will do. Pijul needs to be installed on the remote machine (you can also use the REMOTE_PIJUL environment variable if Pijul is not in the path on the remote machine).

btw Pijul does not have pijul remote add command so I can’t add a new remote address.
I have figured out how to do it with a config file.

pijul push       
Password for root@my_server_ip: 

How to use it with IdentityFile that set in .ssh/config?

This is not yet implemented, I just have to finish plugging my thrussh-config into Pijul itself. It shouldn’t take long, but there are a lot of things to do at the moment.

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Are you sure that there is not a need for such a thing as pijul-bare repositories? Wouldn’t it just be the .pijul directory itself?

From git there is a way to specify directly from command line the ‘git bare repository’ and the ‘worktree’

$ git --git-dir=$HOME/.cfg/ --work-tree=$HOME # sometimes /

More use cases on this:

Is there a way to specify pijul-worktree (root at which the worktree is being recorded) and pijul-dir (where .pijul is stored) from environmental variables or command-line flags? Would such thing be needed?