A bit confused about ssh keys management and nest.pijul.com


I just created a nest account named myname, and tried using a ssh key to retrieve and push some project for testing, as i’m new to both pijul and nest.pijul.com. I though it might be useful to report the confusion in ran into here.

I created myproject on my nest account, created an ssh key and a dedicated Host pijul_host in my ~/.ssh/config (I’m running linux), added the ssh key in my nest account. As the documentation mentionned, i created a ~/.config/pijul/config.toml file with email and username.

I cloned myproject using

pijul clone pijul_host:myname/myproject

created a file and recorded it using

pijul record

then I pushed using

pijul push pijul_host:myname/myproject

It worked… but in the meantime, pijul asked for info already in ~/.config/pijul/config.toml, created an identity.toml and secretkey.json file in ~/.config/pijul/identities/myname/ so i’m not event sure my initial config.toml and ssh key where used.

So I’m confused by the procedure and wonder what command I should have run to clone/record/push in order to use my initial config.toml and the ssh key I generated and referenced in ~/.ssh/config. What would be a step by step procedure to do that ?

Unrelated: is there a way to set a per-repo identity file (as opposed to a user global one in ~/) ?

On a sidenote, It would be very nice if nest was showing a brief how-to message à la github when a new repo is created.

Thanks for reading, have a good day.