Help on SSH in the Nest

Could someone please explain how to setup SSH on the Nest and my local machine. I am using Linux. I tried reading the manual, some threads on the discourse etc but ran into errors which I have filed up here

So here are the things I am mostly interested in

  • Cloning
  • Pushing
  • Pulling (Although I don’t care a lot about it)

Thanks in advance

Hi! Welcome here.

First make sure you have the latest pijul (pijul 1.0.0-alpha.3).

So, you first need to go to your profile page, add your public SSH key. Then cloning is done with:

pijul clone
pijul clone

Pushing is done with

pijul push

If you want to push to discussion #4:

pijul push --to-channel :4

Thanks there. Just something more. Did you took a look at the discussion I filed. Also is the me should be as in word me or is it going to be my username in Nest

I did see the discussion you filed, thanks for that! I’ll look into it as soon as possible (this project is getting quite busy at the moment).

Also, me is your username.