Create a GitHub mirror


Could you create a github mirror of the source? The nest is not usable, for example I cannot get a tarball


As you pointed in your other issue, there’s no bridge between pijul and git yet, so it would be impossible. The trouble with the nest is only temporary and should not repeat as it was due to a major patch format change


Also, if you’re happier with Git and GitHub than with Pijul and the Nest, I encourage you to… just use Git and GitHub!


Fair point. On the other hand GitHub has such a monopoly on open source code hosting now that a lot of people treat it as if it’s an exhaustive directory. It’s their one-stop-shop for discovering new open source projects.

Having even just a token presence there can make a big difference. To test this claim, you could start by having just a rich readme.md (pretty much like this, though I would include the three paragraphs from “The road ahead”) that properly describes the project and explains where to go for updates, i.e. the Nest.


Actually, we used to have a GitHub mirror in the past, which I was maintaining myself, as an attempt to solve this kind of requests. I shut it down after a full year of regular maintenance, because:

  1. It brought absolutely nothing, in terms of contributions or interest in the project
  2. It was forcing me to go through a lengthy process of updating it regularly.

@erlend_sh: that said, I like you suggestion of having just a readme, that’s a great idea!