Error when cloning: zsh:1: command not found: pijul

This is a weird issue; when I try to clone a repository using ssh like this:

pijul clone ssh://use@192.157.575.17/repo/path

I get the following output:

Password for key "id_ed25519": 
Password for user@192.157.575.17: 
zsh:1: command not found: pijul
Error: channel closed

The pijul executable is on the PATH on both machines. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this sort of cloning not supported right now?

Hi! Welcome here. This is totally supported, but for some reason, depending on how the remote pijul was installed, it isn’t always found on the path.

You can use the environment variable REMOTE_PIJUL to set the path to the remote executable, for example REMOTE_PIJUL=/home/me/.cargo/bin/pijul pijul push me@remote/path


Nice, that worked. I wonder why it didn’t find the executable. Maybe because I messed with the location of my .zshrc file, in which I add the binaries to the path…?