Is recording extra dependencies still possible with 1.0.0-beta.1?

I have tried to record an extra dependency using [] ABC…DE notation as suggested here, but this fails with “Syntax errors, please try again.”. Related code in parse_dependency() ( is:

let (i, mut type_) = delimited(
        map(u64, |n| DepType::Numbered(n as usize, false)),
        value(DepType::ExtraKnown, char('*')),
        value(DepType::ExtraUnknown, take_till(|c| c != ']')),

From my (weak) Rust/nom understanding, take_till(|c| c != ']') followed by char(']') can’t match anything, especially not the empty string. When changing the line to something like:

value(DepType::ExtraUnknown, take(0u8)),

or (more tolerant):

value(DepType::ExtraUnknown, take_till(|c| c != ' ')),

this will fix parsing the [] ABC…DE notation.