Lots of conflicts

A fresh checkout of pijul doesn’t build, because it’s full of conflicts.

I installed a fresh version of pijul with cargo install pijul and then I closed the repository with pijul clone https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul. The result was a bunch of conflicts. For example, the first few lines of libpijul/Cargo.toml are:

name = "libpijul"
description = "A patch-based distributed version control system, easy to use and fast."
version = "0.9.0-beta1"
version = "0.9.1"

Yes, Pijul 0.9 simplified the algorithm a lot, and our converter had to use libpijul in unusual ways, making many bugs visible. While this is great news in the long run, it’s temporarily a disaster, especially as it happened at the same time as “devops” mistakes I made while managing the Nest.

I believe I’ve fixed those conflicts in a local version, I’ll update pijul on crates.io today.

Is there any update on this? The latest crates.io version is still giving me conflicts with a fresh nest clone.

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Wow, it’s been two weeks already! I’ve been pretty busy with other things (such as setting up an AFM microscope for my starting experimental project), but I still found some time to improve the test coverage (as measured by kcov) to almost 80%, which helped fix a large number of bugs which I think were responsible for this situation.

I know I’ve promised a new version several times for “today” and “really soon”, so I prefer not to commit to any date, but libpijul is now quite well covered by tests, so I think we’re starting to see the end of the tunnel.


One particular issue is that the current changes are hard to record without being 100% sure that they’ll really be recorded in the correct way.

I think it could be a good idea to redo the conversion once the bugs will be fixed. Do you plan to do so, @pmeunier?

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Yes, I’m actually trying to converting Pijul again right now.