Current state of pijul (whither 0.9?)


Pijul is at the moment in a funny state: version 0.9 introduced a new patch format. In the process of converting the repositories on the nest to this new file format, some were broken. Among others, pijul’s own repository! This is not the most comfortable situation to work on pijul…

Thus, the current situation of pijul is that 0.8.3 is usable, download if you can’t wait until tomorrow to use pijul. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use it with the nest, or with encrypted ssh keys.

The bugs which have led to this situation have mostly been fixed, we are hopeful to have a working converter very soon™. If we manage to do that, then we’ll convert the repositories on the nest once again, and release a 0.10 version which will make the nest usable again. If we don’t then we’ll update this post with the contingency plan we settle on.

Sorry for the inconvenience and see you soon on a working nest.


thank’you for the update about the situation, much appreciated!

I would rather advising to use pijul-0.8.3, until a pijul converter is released. “Dumb conversion” is easy to achieve (I have a shell script that does as good as it can, meaning badly but “close enough”), and @pmeunier program is a very good candidate too, but not yet available as far as I know.

Okay, I am the dumb one, I haven’t read your post properly and this is exactly what you are saying. Sorry about that!

Do you think it could be possible to revert pijul back to pijul 0.8.3? Or, at least having a way to get an archive with pijul 0.8 repos?

Hi. :slight_smile: I was wondering if there were any news on the current status of the nest and the release? I would totally understand if the answer is “we lack of time right now, but it’s being processed”, I am just curious (and hope you didn’t run into another large issue in the release process, to be honest).

There is one blocking issue left to sort out, about some conflicts between rollbacks and regular patches (see the “semantics of missing context conflicts” thread). We’re almost there (hopefully :sweat_smile: ), stay tuned.


I’ve done a final conversion on the Nest today, I’m currently uploading the results. I won’t do it anymore, and I’m going to publish my converter on Any badly converted repositories (if any) will need to be reset. I can’t convert Pijul itself, because I would need to fix Pijul 0.8.3 first, and this is not a great use of my time on this project.

As for Pijul 0.10, I agree with Florent: we should only release a version that passes all the tests, and we’re definitely not super far.


Thanks a lot for the heads-up!

As long as I can start using pijul again with the upstream, I will be thrilled. Also, thanks for all the time you are investing in this project. I am definitely grateful for that too.

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Btw, the test where you rollback a conflict an odd number of times works before unrecording the last rollback passes, the only missing part is rolling back an even number of times, and unrecording the last one.

Obviously, the conflict has to be between a file deletion and edits to that file (else the tests passes).

It looks like the nest is still having trouble to render many patches of pijul-0.9.

I’ve started to use pijul for several side projects, it works pretty great now! Thanks a lot for all your work.