More info about theory

Hi there,

i have stumbled upon pijul and it seem like very interesting project and tool so i’m looking for ways how to better understand it.
In particular, reading “Theory - A less naive representation” section in the manual i got mighty confused with diagrams and explanations.
So is there some literature that one can read more on this topic. It might be only the case that i’m reading diagrams wrong but they seem bit ambiguous to me. Sorry for not providing more clear question but i’m stuck.
Thank you all

The theory is based on Darcs, but Pijul fixes some problems Darcs has.
There is a good explanation page on Darcs patch theory and the Darcs mental model.

Pijul is not based on Darcs at all, actually. Darcs works on patches, while Pijul works on the state. The state in Pijul is the smallest extension of “files with regular edits” where (1) patches are associative and (2) independent patches can be applied in any order.