Nested grouping of commits?


I commit a change. Then a few more associated changes as additional commits.

A few of these change sets represent a feature.

In git one might merge that feature to master with a squash to hide all the nitty gritty details of the construction to keep a clean log.

I would love for the log to contain the feature commit, but to be able to drill down and see inside that if need be the commits that made that up (and drill down inside those commits if need be)… all nicely nested.

Is nested grouping of commits something that piju support currently or might in the future?

Does what I’m asking for make sense to you? I feel that if we could construct hierarchically sets of patches this could be a beautiful thing.


I would argue it is worth exploring this as a first-class concept, given how much of an improvement it offers over the git model of just amending and/or squashing for a clean history. It seems there is a semantic difference between nesting patches by level of detail, versus to maintain chronology, where constituents of the latter should probably be hidden by default.