Out of date instructions for installation pre-requisites in pijul manual

The manual notes in the installation instructions that on void linux the installation pre-requisites are fulfilled by the following command:

sudo xbps-install libgcc-devel libressl-devel libsodium-devel libzstd-devel xxHash-devel

However, the void linux maintainers have switched backed to OpenSSL a while ago (see, e.g., here) and installing LibreSSL will thus lead to removal of the system SSL provider (i.e., OpenSSL).

I noticed before any real damages occurred to my void linux installation, but can only imagine that this would be an undesirable state with potential side effects.

I would suggest changing the command line from libreSSL to OpenSSL. As void linux is a rolling release distro, I don’t think it’s necessary to maintain dual-installation instructions.

Please let me know what you think.

It also needs to install pkg-config.
On musl libc based systems, libressl-devel isn’t even shipped, so it can’t be installed.