Pijul log shows nothing; should it?

Installed on MacOS, I created a repository, added a file, and recorded a change. I then ran pijul log and nothing was displayed in the console. Shouldn’t there be something output to screen?

Thanks in advance.

This is strange, can you give me the exact list of steps you followed?
Also, if you run into bugs, I don’t know if you’re already aware of nest.pijul.com, but you’re welcome to report bugs and host your repositories on nest.pijul.com/pijul/pijul

There’s even a baby CI being tested on a few repositories, and hopefully available.

Thanks. While I did see the bug-tracking ability, I presume I am somehow doing something wrong. Here is what I did:

  • Initialize the pijul repository
  • Create a new file
  • pijul add fileName
  • pijul record -a -m "initial commit"
  • Modified the file
  • pijul record -a -m "next commit"
  • pijul log

I received no output to my command console.

Some additional information: when I clone the Pijul repository itself (1) I needed to run it in sudo mode because the regular pijul clone resulted in an error about “Changeset”, saying “No such file or directory” and (2) after cloning in sudo mode, I was able to see the pijul log with sudo pijul log, though not with pijul log itself and (3) after running chown -R frankdmartinez pijul on that cloned repository, pijul log now works just fine in that repository, though not on my original one.

I don’t know how much of a difference that makes. Any advice would be appreciated.

This does sounds like a bug. Does the second record give you what you expect, i.e. just the changes of your “Modified the file” step?
Can you paste the output of RUST_LOG="pijul=debug,libpijul=debug" pijul log?

Unfortunately, I get nothing at all; text from z-shell:

(base) frankdmartinez@MacBook-Pro-2 pijulTest % pijul log
(base) frankdmartinez@MacBook-Pro-2 pijulTest %

As far as the requested output goes, it looks like this:

(base) frankdmartinez@MacBook-Pro-2 pijulTest % RUST_LOG=“pijul=debug,libpijul=debug” pijul log
[2020-12-17T14:23:48Z DEBUG pijul::repository] “/Users/frankdmartinez/Documents/pijulTest/.pijul”
(base) frankdmartinez@MacBook-Pro-2 pijulTest %

Alright. Can you give me the outputs of each of the commands you type (pijul init, pijul record and pijul log), on the most basic text files and changes you can (i.e. modifying just adds one line), all prefixed by RUST_LOG="libpijul=debug,pijul=debug"?

Sure, coming right up…

I have placed the output here so as to not overwhelm this page with a wall of text. For exportation purposes, a raw form of the posting can be found here.

In case those pages are ever taken down, respective archives of those pages can be found here and here.

Thanks! So, everything is happening as expected, except the log. Would you mind telling me what .pijul/config looks like?

Another thing that would be pretty useful is, make a tarball of the entire repository (including the .pijul and all the files), and send it to pe@pijul.org.

Thanks. I’ll get that tarball off right away. As for the content of that file, it looks like so:

current_channel = “main”


record = []

I can confirm alpha 24 resolves this issue; thanks for all the help!