Problem Cloning via SSH


I’m posting this here to make sure it’s noticed, just because I’m not sure if people were notified of the comment I made on this older issue:


I have a server with pijul installed. I created a repo on the server, and now I’m trying to clone the repo from the server to my main computer via ssh. I tried it with both RSA and the ED keys. I get a “Could Not Read Key” error for both. I am, however, able to ssh into the server.

The server is Debian, on pijul 11.1


Do you still have this issue with a fresh clone of master?
If so, can you tell me what key type the server uses? Also, could you give me the output of running Pijul like:

RUST_LOG="thrussh_keys=debug,thrussh=debug,pijul=debug" pijul push my_server

(Obviously, replacing my_server with the actual name of your server).