Problem Cloning via SSH

I’m posting this here to make sure it’s noticed, just because I’m not sure if people were notified of the comment I made on this older issue:

I have a server with pijul installed. I created a repo on the server, and now I’m trying to clone the repo from the server to my main computer via ssh. I tried it with both RSA and the ED keys. I get a “Could Not Read Key” error for both. I am, however, able to ssh into the server.

The server is Debian, on pijul 11.1

Do you still have this issue with a fresh clone of master?
If so, can you tell me what key type the server uses? Also, could you give me the output of running Pijul like:

RUST_LOG="thrussh_keys=debug,thrussh=debug,pijul=debug" pijul push my_server

(Obviously, replacing my_server with the actual name of your server).

I’m not OP, but I am experiencing a similar issue, running Debian buster if that’s relevant.

In my tests cloning from my own servers, the version running on the server side was always 0.12. With pijul 0.11 on the client side, everything works fine (tested both with install via cargo and install via Nix), but with pijul 0.12 on the client side, my SSH keys seem not to be recognized, and so cloning via SSH does not work, and I am asked for a password. Interestingly, even entering the password does not successfully authenticate (when trying to use my password for my personal servers, I get an “early eof” error and no clear indication in the logs that the authentication succeeded or failed).

I’m including the logs you asked for in the post above, from both the 0.11 and 0.12 versions, and I’m happy to provide more information if that helps. Thanks!