Where is Pijul / Pijul Nest bug tracker?

Like other open source software, I expect there to be some public issue tracker.

For example, It can be a issues in a Github repository (the code inside may be content of latest Pijul release).

Here is some list of issues I’d submitted:

  • Pijul asks for SSH key’s password even if it is already in ssh agent, if trying to use invalid account on Nest;
  • Attempt to clone, but not providing a value password leaves incompletely cloned repository interfering with futher clone attempts;
  • Missing verbose mode that shows details of SSH connection (but not that excessively verbose like RUST_LOG=debug). RUST_LOG=info shows seemingly nothing.
  • Pijul’s SSH client asks password for the next key even when the password is the same as already entered password;
  • Pijul asks password for “nest.pijul.com” in a loop without even telling that it’s incorrect password. SSH keys’ protection passwords are asked once, but reaction to valid and invalid password is also the same.
  • Documentation recommends cloning Pijul from the Nest using pijul clone me@nest.pijul.com:pijul_org/pijul command without specifying that me should be replaced by your account name (unlike in Github where git@... stays the same).

(that’s before cloning and playing with it).

I’m not sure I understand the question, but we wrote Pijul to be better and more automated than Git (especially on merges), so we won’t use Git or GitHub now that Pijul is starting to work.

The bug tracker is https://nest.pijul.com/pijul_org/pijul/discussions

Edit: it’s actually https://nest.pijul.com/pijul/pijul/discussions

Please check that you’re using the latest version before reporting a bug, though, I believe the problems you’re talking about were fixed by thrussh-keys 0.11.9 (and cargo install pijul --force will fix your problem).

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I am also looking for the same thing.

I am looking for the repository of the nest. I can’t find in the exploler, nor in the pijul org

There’s no repository for the Nest, it isn’t open source yet. I hope to be able to make it open source in the future.


You should probably keep it closed source and build a business out of it to make pijul self-sustainable.

Actually, I would like to open it completely and build a business around it! I believe it is possible, but some things need a little bit more time and validation (and more people, if possible paid and full-time).

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@pmeunier you could create an empty pijul/nest respository that can be used for issue tracking / feature requests until Nest is open sourced.

My first request would be sorting and filtering of discussions.

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