Problems Compiling on Windows

Ok… so, got openssl compiled through vcpkg. Got libsodium downloaded. Set the OPENSSL_DIR and SODIUM_LIB_DIR environment variables, and started compiling pijul, which got pretty far … only to need nettle at the very end.

There doesn’t seem to be instructions for nettle for Windows.
Also, you guys used to release Windows binaries (up to version 0.11), but it seems you aren’t anymore? It’d be useful if you could continue this, or at least provide instructions to compile on Windows.


Agree, I’m in the same boat. I tried all sorts of things with Nettle and ran out of time.

I’m willing to write up instructions for building Pijul on Windows but I would appreciate some pointers on the Nettle step-- which may well be the final stretch.

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I believe Pijul 0.12.2 is easier to build, including on Windows. In particular nettle was updated.

Hi, Nick! I know this is a year and a half later but did you ever write up those instructions?

This isn’t needed anymore, Pijul doesn’t ship with PGP now. Things are way easier now:

  • Install Rust (for example via Rustup).
  • Install OpenSSL and set your OPENSSL_LIB_DIR environment variable to point to wherever openssl.lib is.
  • Use vcpkg to install libsodium, xxhash and zstd
  • cargo install pijul --version 1.0.0-alpha.22 (or if you read these instructions in the future, whatever is the latest version on