Using Pijul like Dropbox/Syncthing

I have been using Syncthing to sync most of my home directory. It doesn’t have a rigorous change management system and sometimes I wish for a different result after a sync.

Suppose I set up an inotify daemon to record every change. Can I run a Pijul server as an automatic file sync service? Do you foresee any problems with this setup? For example about a million files, including some multi-gigabyte binaries.

The complexity is in the number of edits, so that would probably be ok.
One issue is that there is no binary diff for now (I haven’t had time to write one), so if you edit these giant files, you’ll end up storing every version of it.
Other than that, you should be good. I’d be interested in feedback.

Cool. If I use it now, and the binary diff feature is added later, my storage will be reduced then?

You could reduce it by not storing the old versions. But you (obviously?) won’t be able to get back to these old versions.

Another issue with the inotify daemon is that you could end up with lots of tiny changes, depending on how you do it. This will become a problem with the current Pijul, but it won’t be that big of a problem in a few weeks.

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What I mean is, if Pijul introduces a binary diff next year, it could retroactively reinterpret the earlier binary changes in terms of the new binary diff, as a space optimization. Or does that not make sense?