What format does --date expect?

pijul help record says that I can pass a custom date with --date. I’ve tried with variations of the date shown by pijul log (e.g. 2020-03-01 12:21:31), but I always get error: Invalid date. What format should I use?

Have a look at the date format of pijul log; if I recall correctly, you need to use the same.

That’s what I tried without luck. Then I got rid of the time zone and milliseconds, same result :frowning:

I once wanted to use --date and I remember having to go through Rust documentation to find out which format to use.

That being said, I had a look to my old pijul-8 to pijul-9 converter and it apprears that, at least at some point, using the date outputed by pijul worked :\

This should work:

pijul record --date=2020-05-05T22:54:58Z

This rings a bell indeed! Thanks.

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Thanks folks! That works

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