Is it advisable to start using Pijul for a serious project?

I’m considering using Pijul for maintaining some data, where data corruption would be very annoying at least. Is this a good idea?

I think I read somewhere that Pijul’s repository format shouldn’t change anymore in incompatible ways, but I’m not sure whether my memories are correct and whether this refers to the version recommended for installation by the website (1.0.0-alpha).

On a related note, I’d like to know how actively Pijul is still being worked on. If I remember correctly, it was said about 1½ years ago that a stable release was imminent, but it seems that version 1.0.0-alpha has been the latest version for about 1 year or so.

The code has changed, but the documentation hasn’t (much).
I’ve got version pijul 1.0.0-alpha.56 and there were recent indications of declaring a beta:

I believe the text format (as well as the binary format) are extremely unlikely to change now. There is only one major feature (exchanging tags over the network) I still have to finish, a few bugs to fix, and it should be called beta.

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I believe Pijul is now ready. I am not expecting any further change in the format. The patch format has been mostly stable (or backwards-compatible) for at least the last 11 months. The repository format has changed a bit recently, but since everything can be reconstructed from cloning, this hasn’t caused any issue whatsoever.

My plans changed a bit since I announced an “imminent” release, I decided to include more features, stabilise things a bit. My plans to fund further developments have changed significantly as well, which has motivated some of these extra features. More on that soon.