What to do with a Changestore error on clone?

What is a “Changestore error”? What do I do when that happens?
I was trying to clone the pijul repository, and I got that error.

I don’t know, and I can’t reproduce. It may be missing a patch, can you try again?

If you still have the temporary .tmpXXX directory created by Pijul when trying to clone, you can send it to pe@pijul.org.

There wasn’t a .tmpxxx folder.
I tried it again and saw the .tmpxxx folder as it was working. But this time it completed. There must have been some updates, because the working one just now said 179 changes, but the screenshot of the error says 177.

Perhaps that error needs better handling, like outputting the name of the file or something?

I had this problem earlier today. To solve it, I had to run pijul in sudo mode and then chown the cloned directory back to Yours Truly.

Interesting. Can you reproduce on a small repository? If so, I’d like to see the output of RUST_LOG="pijul=debug,libpijul::apply=debug,libpijul::output=debug" pijul clone ….
(Also, can you report it on nest.pijul.com/pijul/pijul/discussions , so that we keep a single todo list?)

The Nest has not been loading for me the last two days.

Is this due to http vs https, or is there something else? The Nest doesn’t respond on port 80, maybe it should just redirect.

Clicking the link you gave results in a “Problem loading page” error. If I put https in front, it works.

Alright, thanks for reporting that problem. The Nest is supposed to be more or less stable by now, so if there’s anything unexpected, please report.