What's the behaviour when pushing changes with should_cache = true?

I’m always accidentally closing the first window that pops up my default text editor, when using
pijul push -f

Which help page states:

Force an update of the local(,) remote cache.

At some circumstances it’s possible to get first: opened file that my question is about, and second: file with list of changes to push to the remote. Is it something important? Because, I can’t get it to show again.

Okay, to close this:

The answer was “The following changes are new in the remote (and are not yet known to your local copy)” is what’s told in a first window when doing “unspecified” action (unspecified by me until now).
Now, I know why it triggers, when you want to unrecord something and replace with new changes and then push, it will occur.

It’s nowhere explained, but for anyone unfamiliar: it exists for you to unrecord changes on the remote, so then it can lie on the repo state (a bunch of patches) nicely. If not, it just copies over. So, push -f indeed does what’s specified (or at least it does not do what’s unspecified) and it is not intended to be used as git reset --hard + git push -f to override repo’s history. Just like pijul unrecord is not like git reset, it unrecords change, not jumps to it.
Pijul does what it says it does. I think that’s important for newcomers to realise if they are migrating from other VCS.