Undo push to remote

I made a mistake, bound to happen sometime. I pushed to the wrong repo and need to undo the push.

It is not clear to me from the docs how to do this.

One thing that would be nice, maybe it already exists, would be to have the remote in a config file, so one could just do pijul push with no chance of error.


Hi! Welcome here. Fortunately we have both: pijul unrecord to unrecord changes (only works on a local repo, so you’ll have to log into your remote, or click “unrecord” if that remote is nest.pijul.com).

We also have config files: .pijul/config. Mine has

default_remote = "nest"

name = "nest"
ssh = "pmeunier@nest.pijul.com:pijul/pijul"

Thanks for your kind response. That helps a lot.

I like pijul, wish I could be free of github, alas, the world is never ideal.


That worked really well, thanks. Keep up the good work.