32-bit support?

Is pijul only supported on 64-bit machines?

Running it on a 32-bin debian, I can’t do pijul log:

error: invalid value: integer `21474836480`, expected usize

Initialization and recording worked without spitting errors, but output of log command is empty and it shows the above message.

nah, it seems 0.9.0-beta1 has some issues. This is the dump after running pijul log on macOS Sierra (x64):

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
0   pijul                         	0x000000010d59003a alloc_system::platform::_$LT$impl$u20$alloc..allocator..Alloc$u20$for$u20$$RF$$u27$a$u20$alloc_system..System$GT$::oom::h1ab607e5da994c87 + 90
1   pijul                         	0x000000010d58ffd8 _$LT$alloc_system..System$u20$as$u20$alloc..allocator..Alloc$GT$::oom::h9af18461a5ee5fd8 + 40
2   pijul                         	0x000000010d56997c __rde_oom + 44
3   pijul                         	0x000000010d39e4f0 _$LT$bincode..de..read..IoReadReader$LT$R$GT$$GT$::fill_buffer::h7d02759905691c1a + 656
4   pijul                         	0x000000010d3a4659 serde::de::impls::_$LT$impl$u20$serde..de..Deserialize$LT$$u27$de$GT$$u20$for$u20$alloc..string..String$GT$::deserialize::he5353caff11efa54 + 73
5   pijul                         	0x000000010d3aa383 bincode::deserialize_from::h1046ac87d4d1d9b5 + 403
6   pijul                         	0x000000010d43228d libpijul::fs_representation::read_patch_nochanges::hd169280934520edf + 1293
7   pijul                         	0x000000010d1984d3 pijul::main::h66bf9335f1956730 + 22723
8   pijul                         	0x000000010d56910f __rust_maybe_catch_panic + 31
9   pijul                         	0x000000010d548db3 std::rt::lang_start::h4873e013d97d923f + 211
10  libdyld.dylib                 	0x00007fff9d987235 start + 1

Right, 0.9.0-beta1 is totally broken (hence the -beta1). We “released” it like that because since it cannot interact with 0.8.3, it cannot interact with the Nest. The main reason for this release is that @lthms wanted to write a converter between 0.8.3 and 0.9 (I believe he has a working converter).

so how do I go back to 0.8.3?

if you installed via cargo, then cargo install --vers=0.8.3 pijul. Can’t remember if a --force flag is necessary.