Announcing qijul 0.1

Hi all,

I wrote a small qt user interface for pijul. It can be found there: https://nest.pijul.org/FlorentBecker/qijul. currently, it gives a graphical version of pijul log, pijul status and pijul diff. There are a few bugs, notably qijul currently locks the repository while it is open. More commands should follow soonish.

The plan is to have a pijul status centric interface, à la magit. Patches and bug reports are of course welcome. I haven’t tried building on platforms other than nixos, but cargo build should do the job if you have an installation of qt, at least on linux.


By the way, have you tried my vc-pijul (in the Pijul repository itself)?

Not yet, I’m not fond of vc-* under emacs, but I should eventually do that.

I’d like to know why, I’ve never used it before. Also, I have an error when trying to run qijul:

QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
file:///home/pe/Recherche/pijul/qijul/main.qml:4 module “QtQuick.Controls” version 2.4 is not installed

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It’s from some time ago, but I remember the way information was organised between the different buffers was unpleasant to me (stuff seemed never to be where I wanted it). Maybe if I tried it again it would feel better now.

I’ll look into that. Indeed, I have the same problem with nix-shell --pure.

Indeed, it was picking some qml files at runtime from my installation of kde. This should be fixed now.

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I’m getting this error when I try to run qijul:

QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
file:///home/christian/src/qijul/main.qml:6 module “org.kde.kirigami” is not installed

Installing the kirigami2 package works. Idk if it’s intended or not, as kirigami isn’t listed as a dependency in the readme.

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Indeed, it should be listed in the readme, thanks (and it now is)