Pijul 1.0.0-beta.2 for Gentoo

Small announcement for anyone using Gentoo and missing an ebuild for Pijul: I’ve created an initial ebuild hosted here: ~laumann/portage: dev-vcs/pijul/pijul-1.0.0_beta2.ebuild - sourcehut git

There’s a use flag for constrolling the git feature, and I’ve test built both with and without the flag.

Some considerations:

  • I haven’t done a whole lot of testing, but the produced binary could clone the pijul repo, and the “log” subcommand also looked to be working
  • if you want to try it out, I’d maybe suggest copying the dev-vcs/pijul package from my overlay, there are no stability promises for that overlay (I could maybe consider creating a dedicated overlay? or even get it added to ::guru?)
  • There’s a QA notice indicating that the pijul binary is built w/o respecting LDFLAGS and I have not looked into what that could mean and whether or not it needs fixing

But! On the off chance that (a) you’re on Gentoo and (b) you really want to an ebuild for pijul and (c) you decide to try this one out, I’d love to hear how it goes :slight_smile:

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