Just built beta on the BBB πŸŽ‰


Pardon my ignorance, but what is BBB?

Sorry. That is BeagleBone Black with 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8.

Excellent! Congrats, and thanks for that test. An interesting test would be to check format compatibility with x86, if you get a chance to transfer the entire repository in binary between these machines (i.e. raw copy, no pijul clone).

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Well, what I have done:

Case #1

  1. zip local repo (name it x86)
  2. put it to the external machine (that BeagleBone), unzip, link, etc… So we have external repo, not by pj init, but by raw copy from original.
  3. pull external to local (on x86 pull from ARM)
  4. all is great :+1:
    _As result I’v got:
Downloading changes [                                                  ] 0/0                                                                                                                                                               
Nothing to pull

Case #2

  1. on the external (ARM BeagleBone) machine:
    1 pj init (name this repo as ARM)
  2. on the local (x86) machine:
    1. push local to external (x86 β†’ ARM)
    2. pull external to local (pull x86 ← ARM)
  3. Endlessly waiting for the result :-1:


Well, I’m sure there’s some problems but I don’t know how to debug external pijul or just get logs from it. Off course RUST_LOG is seated up on external machine but probably not for ssh-session.

Next, I’ll look at the binary diff.

Case #1 would be even more useful if you tried to do some more operations on the repo, such as recording and cloning on the second machine, after the copy of the tarball.

For Case #2, I would be interested in the output of the same command, but with RUST_LOG="pijul=debug" in front (i.e. RUST_LOG="pijul=debug" pijul pull …

Case #1. There’s two patches already with text source files.

Case #2.
Check out DM please.