Pijul hangs when pulling from SSH

Push successfully to a remote repo on a server, using SSH, then pull from it (without any modifications to either repo). The process hangs.
The SSH-agent asks for the password, and authenticates successfully.
The server CPU load is near 0.
There is a process on the server:

pijul protocol --version 3 --repository /path/to/repo

This is how the client looks:

$ pijul pull pijul@server:/path/to/repo
Downloading changes [                                                  ] 0/0

When pulling to an empty repo instead, it downloads the patches (shows number of patches, progress bar, and network traffic indicator shows traffic), but it doesn’t do anything afterwards.

After the client fully downloaded the patches (progress bar/counter is complete, network traffic drops), killing the pijul process on the server makes the client output the repository correctly. It seems that the server process doesn’t write and EOF, or close the connection properly by default.

I noticed that pijul clone also hangs, but if the pijul process is terminated on the server, the client doesn’t save anything.
So I have to use rsync for initial cloning of the repo.

The server runs OpenSSH 8.4.

Maybe a little more information would be helpful here. What is the server? Is it nest.jipul.org, org is it some other server? Can you provide more detail on what the server’s running, etc?